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Extraordinary photographic exhibition by Soon Hoe

30 March 2018


Melbourne based photographic artist Soon Hoe is currently exhibited in the All Nations Foyer, inside the Box Hill Town Hall.

Soon Hoe takes photography to a unique and different level.

His Invoke/Momentum exhibition was photographed on Malaysian islands favoured by fisherman for its wild schools of fish.

The exhibition features a series of limited edition black and white photographs which portray synchronised movement within the sea environment. His works attempt to capture the visual energy naturally created by the interplay between water, waves, light and fish. Painting or sketch-like, the series directs the viewer to focus on the shapes and moving patterns of the subject matter and the interaction with its delicate environment.

Mostly captured in digital and 35mm film formats, patience and persistence were essential in creating the artwork. Soon Hoe was required to be at the right place at the right time to capture the images under the right conditions. Very little post-processing is applied.

Islands favoured by fishermen in Malaysia were the location where these images were captured. The school of fish, being wild, as expected, was not easy to locate. Hoe sought local knowledge and made several trips to the islands between 2008 and 2016.

Don't miss this stunning exhibition, on now until 31 May.

Complimentary admission

"The interplay between the fluid water, deceptive light, floating waves, shifting seabed and gracefully dancing fish invoke still visuals that move. Only in Black and White does our vision filter through the complexities of the seas and allow us to see this moving energy. The resultant feeling is untainted and enduring..." – Soon Hoe



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