Sir Arthur Streeton (1867-1943) was one of Australia’s best known and most influential landscape painters. He was also a key member of the Box Hill Artists’ Camp – Australia’s first Impressionist group.

This impressive exhibition celebrates his legacy with two sweeping landscapes by Streeton shown alongside significant landscapes from the Whitehorse Art Collection. Posthumously printed works by Streeton will be displayed for the first time in Melbourne, courtesy of Queenscliff Gallery and Workshop.

These works demonstrate Streeton's brilliance and
provide a masterful record of the landscape that once
covered Whitehorse.

Also on show will be significant landscapes from the Whitehorse Art Collection. Works include those by Emmanuel Phillips Fox, Frederick McCubbin and Tom Roberts and their students and followers, including
Norah Gurdon, William Rowell and Clara Southern.

This unique exhibition offers a rare view of the
breathtaking original works by Streeton and other
landscape luminaries.

11 prints were loaned by Co-Directors of
the Queenscliff Gallery and Workshop, Soula and
Theo and Mantalvanos, pictured here with
Jacquie Nichols-Reeves (centre), Senior Arts Officer & Curator,
Whitehorse Art Collection at the official opening.

Watch the opening speech by Theo Mantalvanos with Cr Andrew Davenport, Jacquie Nichols-Reeves, and Rachel Jones at the official opening of Sweeping Landsapes opening at Whitehorse Artspace Aug 2, 2018

In the All Nation's Foyer

To accompany the exhibition, the All Nations Foyer will display historic portraits from the Whitehorse Art Collection.